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Greece Starts Evacuating Idomeni Migrant Camp After Week Of Riots

(AFP) – At least 200 police started clearing Greece’s squalid Idomeni camp Tuesday on the border with Macedonia, where over 8,400 migrants are living, according to AFP. A helicopter hovered over the camp, where some 20 police vans and dozens

Migrants rioted at Idomeni in Greece

WATCH: ‘Worst Ever’ Riots Erupt At Greek Border Migrant Camp

Migrants on the border between Greece and Macedonia have rioted, lit fires, charged police and attempted to block a railway during a protest demanding open borders. Police responded with tear gas. The camp on the border village of Idomeni has

Border Fence

VIDEO: Migrants Hurl Tear Gas At Police, Tear Down Border Fence

A week of rioting and coordinated assaults on the Greece-Macedonia border continued today, with migrants tearing fences down and launching tear gas at border police. Yesterday, left wing activists were detained accused of instigating the ongoing unrest. More than

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IN PICTURES: Kurds, Arab Migrants War With Police And Each Other

Conflict has erupted once again on the Greece-Macedonia border, as migrants fought police and then each other, with Kurds pitched against Arabs. Exploding gas canisters rocked the camp at the village of Idomeni, and migrant protestors dragged a train wagon


Greece Postpones Deportations From Large Migrant Camps

The landmark EU-Turkey migrant summit deal may already be failing as Greece decides to postpone deportations in large migrant camps. There were no deportations of migrants from the Greek island of Lesbos on Tuesday because, according to the Greeks, there