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Israeli territory

Report: IDF Told to Prep for Possible Large-Scale Operation in Gaza

Israel’s political leadership has reportedly instructed the army to prepare for a military offensive in the Gaza Strip, to be initiated if the launching of incendiary devices from the Hamas-run coastal enclave into Israeli territory continues.

An Israeli tank rolls along the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip on May 6, 2016 as Israeli forces search for infiltration tunnels leading into southern Israel. Three days of mortar and tank fire between Israel and Palestinian militants, as well as Israeli air strikes, have raised concerns of …

IDF Closes Golan Heights Border Areas to Civilians

The Israeli military on Monday declared a border-adjacent area in the Golan Heights temporarily off-limits to civilians, following a series of incidents in which errant Syrian fire hit Israeli territory.

golan heights

Israel Strikes Syria After Mortars Hit Golan Heights

The IDF announced on Friday evening that it had attacked the sources of three mortars fired into the northern Golan Heights earlier that day. Friday afternoon, a mortar shell exploded in an open area in the northern Golan Heights. No alarm sounded at that time.

AP Photo/Ariel Schalit

Shots Fired Toward IDF Near Syria Border

Shots were fired in the near vicinity of Israeli soldiers in the Golan Heights Monday causing no injuries, the spokesman of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said.

In this photo released by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Israeli troops operate against Hezbollah militants July 29, 2006 in the south Lebanese village of Marun al-Ras. The Israeli Government refused a UN request July 29 for a 72 hour truce in Southern Lebanon for humanitarian efforts, citing a corridor …