George HW Bush Family Portrait

George H.W. Bush’s Final Words: ‘I Love You, Too’

According to George H.W. Bush’s longtime friend and former secretary of state, James Baker III, the former president and WWII veteran passed away peacefully in his Houston home late Friday night.

AP Photo/Mari Darr~Welch

Jeb Bush: I Rely on My Brother for Advice on Israel

Jeb Bush, who is lagging behind other prospective GOP 2016 presidential candidates in recent polls, attempted to regain momentum lost among conservative Jews stemming from his naming former Secretary of State James Baker as one of his advisors. Jeb cited his brother President George W. Bush as a trusted advisor regarding the state of Israel.

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James Baker: Iran Deal is Weak, ‘Needs Work’

Former Secretary of State James Baker weighed in on the Iran deal Thursday night. In a piece published by the Wall Street Journal, Baker concludes the deal is weak and badly in need of work.

James A. Baker III (Reuters)

Jeb Bush Distances Himself from James Baker on Israel

Former Florida governor and putative presidential candidate Jeb Bush distanced himself from newly-appointed foreign policy adviser James A. Baker III on the matter of U.S. policy towards Israel, according to a report in Politico Tuesday.


Levin Criticizes Jeb’s Association With ‘Israel Hater’ Adviser

On Thursday, talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin criticized Jeb Bush for him discussing foreign policy with James Baker and considering adding him as an adviser. “They’re [the Bushes] very close to a man named James