Jimmy Carter Reveals He Has Cancer

Former President Jimmy Carter revealed that a recent liver surgery found cancer has spread in his body but gave few details about his prognosis in a brief statement released Wednesday.

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Carter: US Political System Oligarchy with ‘Unlimited Bribery’

Last week on the “The Thom Hartmann Program,” former President Jimmy Carter decried America’s political system as an “oligarchy with unlimited political bribery.” Carter said, “It violates the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it


World View: The Arab World is Disintegrating into War

Contents: Behind the scenes in the Iran nuclear deal; The Arab world is disintegrating into war; Saudi Arabia conducts major anti-terrorism sweep against ISIS; Massive bomb attack in Iraq market kills over 130


Carter: ‘I Believe Jesus Would Approve of Gay Marriage’

In an interview with HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill on Tuesday, former President Jimmy Carter sounded off on the issue of same-sex marriage on the heels of last month’s Supreme Court ruling declaring bans on same-sex marriage to be unconstitutional.


Carter: American Decline ‘Inevitable,’ but Not Obama’s Fault

On Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, former President Jimmy Carter elaborated on the remarks he had made late last month regarding the decline of the United States. According to Carter, the U.S. decline was inevitable, and he said it is a


Former President Jimmy Carter Sneers at America’s ‘Racist Tendencies’

“The recent publicity about mistreatment of black people in the judicial and police realm has been a reminder that the dreams of the civil rights movement have not been realized,” Carter said. “Americans still have racist tendencies or feelings of superiority to people of color.”

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Clinton Silence Extends to CA Dem Convention, Warren Speech Ignites

ANAHEIM, California—Mention of 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has been noticeably absent from California’s 2015 Democrat convention as the party faithful flocked to the Saturday speech from Senator Elizabeth Warren, considered by many a Clinton alternative.

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Rick Perry: We Must ‘Eliminate’ ISIS, the Taliban and Boko Haram

War veteran and former Gov. of Texas Rick Perry expounded on his executive experience as the Lone Star State’s longest-serving governor and laid out the ways in which he would combat the rise of radical Islam, in addition to providing his promise of unwavering, tangible support for our country’s esteemed veterans — if he decides to run for president.

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Jimmy Carter: Hamas Leader Is Not a Terrorist, Wants Peace

TEL AVIV, Jerusalem — Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter visited Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas this weekend at his headquarters in Ramallah, and declared that Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal is not a “terrorist.” Carter said that he would not meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu because it was a “waste of time,” and that Meshaal not only wanted a “peace process,” but would commit to recognizing Israel as part of a deal brokered by Saudi Arabia.

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Jimmy Carter to Meet Hamas Militants in Gaza This Week

Former U.S. Democratic President Jimmy Carter will travel to the Gaza Strip on Thursday and meet with officials from Hamas, the Jihadist terror organization that rules the Palestinian territory.

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The Deafening Silence of American Jewry in Defense of Israel

Hoping to revive the sagging spirits of America’s dwindling pro-Israel Jewish community, pro-Israel icon William Kristol tries to reassure Weekly Standard readers this week that Jimmy Carter issued anti-Israel threats similar to those now made by President Obama, only to see American Jews and Israel emerge stronger.


Nuclear Iran: Foreign Policy Expert Says Iran Will Deceive Us Again

WESTLAKE, California — As a possible nuclear deal with Iran draws near, Dr. Behzad Tabatabaei addressed a crowded room at the Westlake Village Inn on behalf of the Thousand Oaks Republican Women Federation, where he provided a comprehensive history as to why the regime cannot be trusted.

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Cruz: Obama Makes Jimmy Carter Look ‘Resolute’

On Tuesday’s “Mark Levin Show,” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) said that President Obama’s “feckless and naive” foreign policy makes Jimmy Carter’s look “resolute.” “We are seeing the manifest disaster of the Obama/Clinton/Kerry foreign policy. Leading from behind doesn’t work. And


Jimmy Carter Ties Paris Attacks to the ‘Palestinian Problem’

On Monday’s episode on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” former President Jimmy Carter suggested there was a link between the Paris terrorist attack on the French magazine Charlie Hedbo and the ongoing dispute involving the Palestinians. According to the former


Jimmy Carter: ‘Proud’ of Obama for Cuba

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” former President Jimmy Carter offered his approval on President Barack Obama’s actions toward Cuba. “This is the kind of thing that has been long overdue, and I’m very proud and grateful that President