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Texas Lawmakers Fast-track Voter ID Expansion

Leading Texas Republican lawmakers and officials publicly endorsed a bill that would make permanent a voter ID “safety net” allowing those without proper documentation to cast a regular ballot if they sign an affidavit.

Texas Photo ID

‘Sermon Safeguard’ Bill Pre-filed to Protect Religious Liberty of Texas Clergy

Two Texas state senators have pre-filed a bill which is intended to protect the religious liberty and First Amendment freedoms of clergy in the Lone Star State. Pastors have been under attack in Texas and their sermons sought to be compelled during litigation by a government unit. The pastors were in a fight over a transgender bathroom ordinance at the time they were subpoened.

Parker Claims Pastors Lied

Police Body Cam Bill Passes in Texas Senate, Faces House Vote

A police body camera bill passed in the Texas Senate on Thursday by a split vote of 22-8, but faces the Texas State House which has two of its own bills. The bill does not mandate that Texas peace officers use body cams, but mandates uniformity of policies by those using the cameras provided by a grant. The eight Senators that voted against the bill were all Republicans.

Police Body Camera

Bill Seeks to Stop ‘Revenge Porn’ in Texas

Long gone are the days when ending a love connection means a lot of name calling and bad-mouthing. Now, breaking up has gotten a whole lot harder to do in a “selfie-driven” social media age where a jilted ex-lover can plaster X-rated photos of that formerly dearly beloved all over the internet. It is called “revenge porn” and it turns private citizens into accidental overnight porn stars. Texas has a few bills gaining traction in the state legislature to stop the widespread malicious cyber-madness.

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Texas GOP Chairman ‘Very Supportive’ of Bill Reforming Public-Sector Unions

AUSTIN, Texas — Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Chairman Tom Mechler spoke to Breitbart Texas to express his support for SB 1968, a bill filed by Senator Joan Huffman (R-Houston) that would end the practice of automatic payroll deductions for labor union dues for the majority of public-sector unions. Mechler was elected the new RPT Chairman in an election earlier this month.

Tom Mechler

Texas Senate Considering Bill That Could Financially Kill Public-Sector Unions

A bill filed by Texas State Senator Joan Huffman (R-Houston) could prove to be the financial death penalty for many public sector labor unions across the state. The bill, SB 1968, was filed at the very end of the bill filing period for this Legislative Session last Friday, and would end the practice of automatic payroll deductions for labor union dues for the majority of public sector unions.

Senator Joan Huffman

Dead Illegal Immigrant with Gold Grill Found in Texas Ranch

The remains of yet another illegal immigrant was found in Brooks County, eighty miles from the Texas-Mexico border. This unidentified immigrant is unique in that he has distinctive gold dental work, including a gold star on his front tooth. The remains

Unidentified deceased immigrant #5 for 2015 in Brooks County. Discovered Photo by Brooks C