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Volvo Trucks Laying Off Hundreds in February

Volvo Trucks North America has confirmed that it will be reducing production of several truck lines and will therefore be laying off 1 in 4 workers beginning in February of next year.


L.A. Times Staff Purge Continues

The L.A. Times is still bleeding employees this week with the announcement of a third high-placed staffer leaving the paper.

LA Times AP

Texas Oil Giant to Lay Off 9,000 Workers Across Globe

HOUSTON, Texas – Nine thousand workers are set to be laid off by Texas-based oil giant Schlumberger. The oil tool services company said it must fire 9,000 workers because of plummeting crude oil prices and a slow-down in 2015 production and exploration. The employee reduction comprises about 7.5 percent of the company’s 120,000 global labor force.

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