FAIL: Minnesota Police Rout Black Lives Matter Protesters at Mall of America, Airport

Killings by Police Minneapolis
AP Photo/Jim Mone

A much smaller than expected turnout of Black Lives Matter protesters were routed by disciplined police work Wednesday, first at the planned protest at the Mall of America and then at an impromptu action at the Minneapolis / St. Paul Airport.

At the Mall, police shut down stores in the East Rotunda prior to the protest and set up a perimeter that kept protesters isolated from shoppers. Then after numerous warnings to leave, they slowly walked in further isolated the protesters.

Last year’s protests had an estimated 3,000 attendees, but this year’s protest over the shooting of a convicted criminal named Jamar Clark failed to bring out anywhere near that number. From video and social media, it appears that only a hundred showed up.

As Breitbart News reported yesterday, a judge ruled that any protests at the Mall of America would be illegal and placed a restraining order on three Black Lives Matter leaders.

Activists from Unicorn Riot live streamed the actions and provided overdramatic narratation to their viewers, claiming the police were “pushing” protesters–but the videos shows they never were touched.

As another example of media bias towards the protesters, NBC claimed the protesters “marched out of” the Mall, even though they were clearly forced out by police…something at least one protester freely admitted on social media.

After their failure, some protesters took the Light Rail to the airport, where they were rebuffed by police.

A few dozen protesters—some wearing “Assata Taught Me” shirts that honor convicted terrorist cop killer Assata Shakur—marched in the street and disrupted traffic at Terminal One of the Minneapolis / St. Paul Airport but were quickly contained by the police, as a Unicorn Riot activist complained.

At the protest’s end, the scraggly Unicorn Riot activist is reduced to claiming that the Mall of America protest was a “ruse” and the real protest had been meant for the airport.

There were scattered arrests, including a cousin of Jamar Clark’s and this unidentified gentleman.

Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby dealt with Minnesota police when he worked undercover to stop leftist violence at the 2008 Republican National Convention. He said:

My experiences working with the law enforcement agencies in the Twin Cities to protect the safety of others and to prevent violent political groups from violating the rights of others was very positive. The agencies were professional, knew what they were doing, and they took care of business. They had little regard for political correctness and 100 percent concern for actually doing their job. I hold them in very high regard.

Despite the complete tactical failure of the protest and the succesful police action, Americans can expect media coverage to be positive. The media has done nothing to vet the Black Lives Matter movement, which was founded by revolutionary communists.

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