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AP Photo/Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center

Study: Abortion Raises Risks Of Premature Births

New research shows that women who have had an abortion are more likely to have a premature birth in future. The chance of giving birth at under 37 weeks increases by 30 per cent for those who have had a

Tim Cook, Apple Watch (Associated Press)

Apple’s Watch Will Save Thousands of Lives, But Privacy Is An Issue

Apple unveiled its highly anticipated health-tracking Watch today, along with a breakthrough initiative to vastly increase the research resources of the global medical community. With a new app, ResearchKit, millions of Apple users can now offer crucial data on their daily habits to approved medical researchers.

Cedars-Sinai Hospital (Reuters)

Killer Superbug Breaks Out at Cedars-Sinai; Could Hit 67 Patients

Four patients at Cedars-Sinai have contracted the “CRE super-bug.” One has died and 67 are at risk of exposure, according to a hospital spokesman. The latest outbreak follows the death of two patients, near-death of five, and exposure to 179 patients in a similar outbreak from October through early January at UCLA’s Ronald Reagan Medical Center. In both occurrences the culprit seems to have been contaminated body scopes.