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War: Google’s Rivals Weaponize ‘Google Transparency Project’

Google’s corporate motto is “Don’t Be Evil,” but after year of using its Washington, D.C. lobbying to trash other tech companies, the “Google Transparency Project,” funded by a secretive cabal of Silicon Valley interests, is producing a steady stream of investigative reporting exposés on Google’s crony capitalism.


Oracle Funds Anti-Google Effort that Outs Hillary, Obama

The Oracle Corporation is using its deep financial resources to fund the “Google Transparency Project,” which has set up headquarters in Washington, D.C. with a mission to “out” Google’s dicey lobbying practices and expose crony relationships with President Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

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Net Neutrality’s Day in Court

The FCC is bringing net neutrality to court today in another attempt to secure regulation on why and how internet service providers can manipulate the access they provide.

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Charter Moves Forward on Friendly Bid for Time Warner Cable

John Malone, Chairman of Liberty Media, the dominant shareholder of Charter Communications, reportedly called Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus in recent days about a friendly merger following the collapse last week of an offer by Comcast to buy Time Warner, according to the Wall Street Journal blog. Malone and Marcus appear be discussing a 3-way merger that would challenge Comcast’s industry dominance.

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The Hypocrisy of Net Neutrality: Who Needs Transparency?

TechCrunch’s Kat Zakrzewski has an odd argument against Republican bills to curb the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) recent decision to impose Net Neutrality: we don’t really need transparency, after all. Zakrzewski’s stance shows how far Silicon Valley’s “progressive” activists have come after years of pushing for the maximum transparency possible in public affairs. When the feds are doing what they want, the public is better off in the dark.

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FCC Commish Pai: Broadband Bill Taxes Going Up in Months

Tuesday on Newsmax TV’s “The Steve Malzberg Show,” FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai said because of the new FCC net neutrality rules passed in February that reclassified broadband as a telecommunications, which placed it under Title II regulations and taxes of


O ‘Progressive’: Thou Art the Man!

The “progressive” movement sustains itself on the idea that it is standing up against abuses of power by the wealthy and well-connected, that it defends the rights of the most vulnerable, that it stops special interests from taking over the state. And yet the “progressive” administration of Barack Obama has done all that, and more. It has not just committed ordinary hypocrisy, selling out its principles or breaking its promises: worse, it has often fulfilled them, blind to the consequences.