Libya Provides ‘Fertile Ground’ for Jihadist Groups

Libya descended into chaos following the U.S.-backed overthrow and execution of dictator Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, creating a vacuum for the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) and other jihadist groups to fill.

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New Wave of 4,400 African Migrants Hits Italy in Just Two Days

Amidst scandals of Mafia involvement in migrant rescue efforts in Italy, some 4,400 mostly sub-Saharan African migrants arrived on Italy’s shores between Thursday and Friday. As usual, the migrants were picked up just miles from the Libyan shoreline and shuttled


Migrants Setting Blood, Faeces ‘Traps’ for Prison Staff

Language classes and the recruiting of ‘Islam scientists’ are among measures announced by North Rhine-Westphalia’s (NRW) justice ministry to combat the rising number of ‘disgust attacks’ in prisons by Maghreb migrants.


Smugglers Feeding Migrants Diesel To Calm Them During Sea Voyage

Smugglers who transport migrants from North Africa across the Mediterranean to Europe are said to have given many of them a mixture of diesel and other substances to keep them quiet. A new report ffrommedical staff at the University of


Front National Mayor Found Dead, Handcuffed and Surrounded by Sex Toys

Dominique Ghys, deputy mayor of Mantes-la-Ville, where one-third of the population is Muslim, has been found dead at his home. The Front National councillor, who reportedly met with North African men on the internet, was discovered by police dead, handcuffed


African Migrants Brawl with Locals on French Island of Corsica

Tense relations between locals and North African migrants led to a violent skirmish between members of the two groups this weekend on the French island of Corsica, leading to several injuries and torched vehicles. Authorities had to deploy some 100

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Sicily Becoming A Migrant ‘Catastrophe’

Thousands of migrants a week land in Sicily and threaten to turn the island into a new Greece as authorities refuse to let migrants leave. In the past 36 hours over 1,300 migrants were rescued from drowning in the Mediterranean as they


UN Chief Calls for Expansion of Legal Migration Routes into Europe

“Deeply saddened” by the loss of hundreds of lives of migrants trying to reach Europe by sea, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has praised the joint rescue operations of Italian and European forces, while calling for “a comprehensive and collective response” as well as “expanded legal pathways” for migrants to enter Europe.

Migrants and refugees wait to disembark from the Blue Star 1 passenger ship upon their arrival at the port of Piraeus on March 1, 2016.

Ten Separate Migrant Rescue Operations in Strait of Sicily in 24 Hours

As thousands of migrants set sail from north Africa, Italian naval vessels have conducted ten different rescue operations of foundering vessels laden with migrants trying to cross the perilous Strait of Sicily to reach Italian soil in the space of just 24 hours.

A picture taken at sea shows the transfer of immigrants from the tanker 'Torm Lotte' to tug boat 'Grifone' in the middle of Messina's marine channel following a rescue operation on July 20, 2014.