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5 Epic Failures of North Korean Science and Industry

North Korea’s belligerent threats, claims of military supremacy, and claims of an official ideology based on independence and personal achievement are difficult to square with the endless series of horrifying blunders by the regime in Pyongyang.

North Korea's Kim Jong-Un has threatened ever more missile tests and had boasted this week

North Korea Detonates Most Powerful Nuclear Weapon Yet

North Korea claims to have conducted its fifth, and by far most powerful, nuclear bomb test on Friday morning, in defiance of United Nations resolutions. Condemnation from world leaders was immediate, including even North Korea’s patron China.

A South Korean man watches a TV news program showing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, at S

South Korea Trains Elite ‘Spartan 3000’ Force as North Korea Launches More Missiles

North Korea carried out another launch of missiles on Monday – a salvo of five short-range projectiles that brings its total number of shots from the past month to 15. Meanwhile, South Korea is touting the formation of a rapid-response force, trained with the assistance of the United States, that could carry out operations anywhere on the Korean peninsula within 24 hours of a threat emerging.

POHANG, SOUTH KOREA - MARCH 12: South Korean Marine participates in the U.S. and South Kor