Public Health Advocates Blast UNICEF Campaign to Feed Starving Children Nutrition Paste

A coalition of public health advocates called the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) has issued an unusually strong condemnation of UNICEF for supporting the use of a highly processed paste to feed impoverished children. IBFAN claimed the scientific trials cited by UNICEF to recommend the paste as safe and effective were compromised by its manufacturers, including Nestle, Heinz, and especially French food company Nutriset.

Children shelter from the sun in Ankilimarovahatsy, Madagascar, a village in the far south

Michelle Obama Takes Credit for Food ‘Culture Change’

Michelle Obama said Thursday that the U.S. has undergone a “culture change” in the five years since she started raising awareness about childhood obesity, but as she celebrated achievements on multiple fronts the first lady also warned that the progress is “incredibly fragile.”

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Feds Seek Tax on Sugary Drinks, Snacks

A tax on sugary drinks and snacks is one way a government panel of nutrition experts thinks Americans can be coaxed into eating better. Some members of Congress are already pushing back on the idea, saying the panel has overstepped its bounds.

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu