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Italian Police Arrest 33 in Blitz on ‘Chinese Mafia’

Italian law enforcement has arrested 33 alleged members of a “Chinese mafia” responsible for trafficking Chinese products, as well as running clandestine gambling dens, night clubs, prostitution rings, and drug dealing.


Illegal Immigrant MS-13 Gang Leader Sentenced for Murder

An illegal immigrant and a foreign national, both ranking members of the MS-13 gang, were sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of murder and other organized crime charges in North Carolina.

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Members of Dangerous Puerto Rican Gang Arrested near Texas Border

Two members of a dangerous Puerto Rican gang that operates in a manner similar to a drug cartel have been arrested near the Texas border. Federal authorities recently arrested Carlos E. “El Negro” Carrion Nieves and Orlando “Elvin” Martinez Nunez near this border city.

KOBE, JAPAN - JUNE 03: (CHINA OUT, SOUTH KOREA OUT) Riot police stand guard while police officers enter the Japan's biggest Yakuza syndicate 'Yamaguchi Gumi' headquarters for a raid on June 3, 2015 in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. Police have arrested a member of the gang group on suspicion of fraud, …

Japanese Police Prepare for ‘Nationwide Yakuza War’

Japan’s National Police Agency has announced the creation of a special central headquarters to address what is now being described as a “state of war” between rival factions within a yakuza organized crime syndicate. The war arrives as Japan struggles to address a growing population crisis worsened by the ongoing aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster.


EXCLUSIVE: Howie Carr, Boston Herald Reporter Who Blew the Lid off Whitey Bulger Case, Talks ‘Black Mass’ Release

Johnny Depp stars as Irish mob boss and fugitive James “Whitey” Bulger, the notorious former member of Boston’s Winter Hill Gang, in the upcoming biopic Black Mass. Bulger’s criminal enterprises and escape have grabbed headlines for more than four decades, and nobody understands his story better than Boston Herald columnist and Breitbart News contributor Howie Carr.


In Anti-Mafia Blitz, Police Seize Famous Roman Restaurant

Early Wednesday morning, an anti-mafia squad seized possession of a well-known restaurant in Rome’s historic district, a block from the Pantheon, believed to be owned and operated by the Italian mafia.

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Gangs Flown Into Britain For Crime Holidays

European criminal gangs have been flying into the UK on budget airline flights, going on ‘crime spree holidays’, and flying out again to avoid detection. Brian Donald, Europol’s chief of staff said that the gangs commit “volume crimes” – pickpocketing, house

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San Diego Police Take Apart LEGO Theft Ring

Surveillance video caught burglars pilfering valuable LEGOs and Disney’s “Frozen” toys from all five Toys “R” Us stores around San Diego County.

Mexican Boy Tortured

Satanic Cult Linked to Murder of 6-Year-Old Mexican Boy

The horrific torture and murder of a six year-old Mexican boy by five other children, that prosecutors say is evidence of “social decomposition” and an “absence of values,” is now believed to be linked to a satanic cult.


700 Miami Businesses Targeted by ICE for Trade-Based Money Laundering

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced on April 21 they were targeting 700 businesses in the Miami, FL area for “enhanced scrutiny” in order to detect activity by Latin American criminal organizations related to trade-based money laundering.

Priest in Mexico/Catholicism

Outrage in Mexico as Priests Become Targets of Organized Crime

The high profile murders appear to have no end in Mexico as the country now rallies around the kidnapping and murder of a Catholic priest in the violent Mexican State of Guerrero; the priest is the third religious man to be murdered in that state this year and just one of many kidnapped priests.