Palestinian jihadist

Islamic militants following the Koran's instructions to "strike at the neck."

GRAPHIC PHOTOS: Islamic State Executes Alleged Sex Criminal, Beheads ‘Magician’

TEL AVIV — The Islamic State is releasing an increasing number of propaganda photos and reports about the territory of the caliphate and the fulfillment of “the commandments of sharia,” apparently in a last-ditch effort to woo supporters around the world and recruit them to its ranks as fierce battle rages in the Raqqa district, where the organization’s so-called capital city is located.


EXCLUSIVE: Islamic State Terrorist Claims Attacks Against Israel to Escalate

TEL AVIV — Attacks against Israel by jihadist organizations and supporters of the Islamic State group are expected to increase, a Palestinian jihadist associated with the Islamic State claimed to Breitbart Jerusalem in response to a rocket attack Monday from the Gaza Strip into southern Israel.

GUANTANAMO BAY, CUBA: A detainee inside Camp 6 on Jan. 29, 2017, in a photo reviewed and cleared for release by the Pentagon. Department of Defense rules do not allow photos that identify the prisoners. (Michelle Shephard/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

EXCLUSIVE – Jihadist: Hamas Sentences Islamic State Members To Prison

Hamas military judges presiding over cases of Islamic State supporters recently concluded legal proceedings for one such case by sentencing the defendants to prison for either belonging to or supporting the Islamic State group, a senior Palestinian jihadist has told Breitbart Jerusalem.