Report: Clinton Aide Emailed Chummy Job Offer to CNN Reporter Elisa Labott


Elise Labott, the same CNN “reporter” who was suspended for two weeks for her partisan tweets, the same CNN “reporter” who collaborated with Team Hillary to attack the GOP, is in the news again, and for the exact same sin. Joking or not, Labott is so chummy with longtime Hillary Clinton aide Phillipe Reines, he emailed her a chummy offer to join Team Clinton.” Any day you’d like to join PA [Public Affairs], we have a desk for you,” Reines wrote, according to emails uncovered by Gawker.

Labott responded with a counter-offer, ” I want to be the undersecretary for public diplomacy. I’d be the spokesman too you know.”

Reines replied with, “And then you’d be hit with silly criticisms and you’d say to me, ‘now I get it’.”

Labott then turned the Goo Machine up to 11: “Uh – they aren’t silly. YOU are silly.”

Gawker has the full story, along with copies of the emails.

It was also Reines who worked with Labott to trash the GOP.

Democrats sure got it good.


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