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China Publishes ‘Blacklist’ of 120 Forbidden Pop Songs That ‘Harm Social Morality’

The Chinese Ministry of Culture, through state media outlet Xinhua, has published a “blacklist” of 120 songs banned from being played or sold in China for their “obscenity, violence, crime” or potential to “harm social morality.” Anyone caught trafficking in this music will receive “severe punishment,” the government says.

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‘Kurdish Shakira’ Releases Anti-ISIS Music Video Filmed w ith Peshmerga on the Battlefield

Kurdish pop star Helly Luv tells interviewers of her new single, “Revolution,” that she refused to imitate or fabricate any of the suffering in the war against the Islamic State in Syria. Wanting to depict the realities of the battlefield for the Peshmerga and ISIS refugees, the golden-heel-clad artist filmed her music video less than two miles from the front lines with ISIS.