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Rabbi Shmuley: Religious People Have the Best Sex

The strength of the Orthodox Jewish family, admired throughout the world should tell you this: Husbands and wives are deeply connected through strong erotic attachments and profound sexual ecstasy.

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Rabbi Shmuley: AIPAC Honors Cory Booker for Abandoning Israel

But Cory’s stunning unfaithfulness in abandoning the world’s only Jewish state is now being rewarded by AIPAC which, in an act of mystifying absurdity, has honored him with the opportunity to address 18,000 pro-Israel activists in Washington, DC.

TEL AVIV – New Jersey senator Cory Booker, a possible contender for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, was photographed on Friday appearing to endorse a pro-Palestinian movement by holding a sign calling for the removal of the security fence in Israel.

Rabbi Shmuley: The Gray Lady’s Big-nosed Jewish Dog

For the millions of American Jews beginning to register the expanse of antisemitism in their own home, the New York Times didn’t just ‘blow it.’ They’re actively helping to “grow it.”

new york times

Rabbi Shmuley: The Saudi Crown Prince’s Extraordinary Gesture to Israel

A future Saudi king who is speaking of Israel’s right to exist, who is beginning to allow flights to Israel to fly over his territory, who is condemning the funding of terror groups like Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood, and who is speaking openly of Jews living in his land, deserves to be taken seriously and deserves to be engaged.

Mohammed bin Salman (Bryan R. Smith / AFP / Getty)

Rabbi Shmuley: Saudi Crown Prince Should Electrify the World by Recognizing Israel

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman came to Washington to meet President Donald Trump last week, and was lauded for many of the reforms he is undertaking in Saudi Arabia. Many of these, such as improving the rights of women, are commendable, but the country still has a long way to go in the area of human rights.

Public smiles, private problems as Saudi prince visits White House

Rabbi Shmuley: Caitlyn Jenner’s Defense of Israel

On March 8, the World Values Network will honor Caitlyn Jenner as a champion of Israel at our Sixth Annual Champions of Jewish Values International Awards Gala, honoring men and women who stand up for human rights, fight genocide, and promote human dignity.


RABBI SHMULEY: Qatar Is Not ‘Kosher’

Rabbis cannot, dare not, kosher countries like Qatar. The Emir can only kosher himself by immediately ceasing all funding of terror against Jews.

The Latest: Turkey's president talks Qatar in Saudi, Kuwait Photo