WATCH: Boyband ‘The Breunion Boys’ Launched to Stop Brexit

A boyband called “The Breunion Boys” has launched in the Netherlands in a last-ditch effort to stop Brexit.

Creator Julia Veldmann said she “cried… really cried my heart out” when she learned the UK had voted to leave the EU.

She said “it was so unexpected and overwhelming and it made me feel powerless,” when she heard the result in June 2016 while working in New York — far beyond the common external border of her beloved union.

“I thought, what else will work better than the voice of Take That, or a boy band — the best thing Britain ever gave to us — to convince them to take us back?” she told Reuters.

The boyband’s flagship song, ‘Britain Come Back’, implores listeners: “Your choice turns my spine grey. There’s always been a sea between us, we used to sail it together – but you’re leaving, now we’re falling apart. Britain come back to us, it’s not too late to turn around.”

The band reportedly plans on touring British pubs in order to win over the Leave-voting working class, but the response so far has been something less than enthusiastic.

“OK now I want the hardest Brexit possible, and immediately,” wrote one social media user.

“I voted Remain and was strongly opposed to Brexit until I saw this, I think I want a hard Brexit now lol,” agreed another.

“And just like that, there were no Remainers left,” quipped a third.

“Breunion Boys can Brexit stage left as far as I’m concerned,” joked another.

Others chose to express their disapproval in GIF form with, a clip of X-Factor’s Simon Cowell saying “It’s a ‘No’ from me” proving to be a popular choice.

Others seemed unable to believe the venture could possibly be in earnest, leaving comments like “Please tell me this is a parody” — but, so far, mainstream media coverage appears to be taking the Breunion Boys entirely seriously.

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