Maher: Liberals Are Engaging In Selective Hearing With The Pope Too, He’s Not Bernie Sanders

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher said that liberals are also picking and choosing which parts of Pope Francis I’s teachings to listen to on Friday’s “Real Time.”

While Maher praised a lot of the pope’s rhetoric, and criticized Republicans for ignoring and/or criticizing it, after CNN Commentator and columnist S.E. Cupp pointed out, “liberals have some selective hearing when it comes to the things that they like about the pope. The pope is not on record with them on every issue, and certainly conservatives have selective hearing when it comes to science and religion. I know, because I’m pro-life, a lot of us love that science, and scientific technologies are helping to better illustrate early development. I don’t imagine a conservative would ever say, ‘The pope should stay out of science’ if he were talking about the science that applies to pro-life positions. So, I think conservatives and liberals both use the pope selectively when it’s politically expedient.” Maher agreed, adding the pope gives both sides “a lot of ammunition.”

Maher also said, “the pope, you know, I think a lot of liberals think he’s [Sen.] Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Okay, he’s — he opposes gay marriage. He opposes gay adoption, opposes transgender rights, against all forms of contraception. … The pope is against all forms of abortion, ruled out women priests. That sounds more like [former Sen.] Rick Santorum (R-PA) than Bernie Sanders.”

Later, Maher argued that Republicans can’t be “real Catholics.” After Cupp asked how Democrats could be real Catholics while they ignore many Catholic teachings on issues like abortion. Maher responded that because the New Testament is “almost all about be nice to poor people, and don’t be a greedy asshole.” and only Republicans worship Mammon, their disagreements are “more fundamental.”

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