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France’s Macron Urges EU to Build Up Defence Force, Split from U.S.

PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron pushed Monday for Europe to take more responsibility for its own defense, saying the continent’s security shouldn’t rely so much on the United States and could even include discussions with Russia.


New French President Macron Seeks Parliamentary Majority

PARIS (AP) – One month after President Emmanuel Macron’s arrival in power, French voters must now choose lawmakers in parliamentary elections starting Sunday that may dramatically reshape the political landscape. Here’s a look at the French system and what’s at


Macron Plans €50 Billion Cash Injection To Kickstart French Economy

LONDON (AP) — Macronomics — it’s the new French president’s proposed cure for a decade’s worth of relative economic gloom. Emmanuel Macron’s victory in Sunday’s election puts him in place to pursue his economic agenda, from cutting taxes on companies