Delingpole: ‘Come and Join Us’ Says France’s New President to U.S. Climate Scientists. Yup. Great Idea!

AP/Christophe Ena

Exile all the top climate scientists in the U.S. to a failing economy where unemployment is rising, taxes are prohibitive and terrorism is rife. What kind of a vicious, sadistic bastard would dream of such a proposal?

Well, his name is Emmanuel Macron and he is the new French president. He has invited America’s entire climate change industry to France in order for them to escape what he clearly imagines to be President Trump’s anti-science Terror.

He made his offer in a video on Facebook in February this year, before he knew for certain that his rivals had been nobbled to point where he was definitely going to win.

“This is a message for American researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers working on climate change…I do know how your new president has decided to jeopardize your budget, your initiatives as he is extremely skeptical about climate change. I have no doubt about climate change… Please come to France. You are welcome. It’s your nation. We like innovation. We want innovative people. We want people working on climate change, energy, renewables, and new technologies. France is your nation.”

If President Macron keeps his promise it will be truly awesome news for the U.S. economy.

No one has ever calculated how much the U.S. squanders annually on the great climate change scam. But the annual global figure has been estimated at $1.5 trillion so we can probably extrapolate from this that the U.S. pays at least one third of that. Here is what half a trillion dollars looks like in figures: $500,000,000,000.

Imagine if, instead of being squandered on foreign junkets, kickbacks for presidential donors (that means you Solyndra), subsidies for the wind industry, and salaries for crooked scientists fiddling with the data for political ends, that money was instead spent on something useful like bigger bombs to drop on America’s enemies, fighter jets that weren’t obsolete, or, better still, on paying off the U.S. deficit?

Also, it would rid the U.S. of what Macron mysteriously calls “entrepreneurs” but which you and I would more accurately call “rent-seeking parasites.”

The climate change industry is full of such creatures, attracted like blowflies to a rotting corpse. They contribute nothing of value to the economy – almost entirely dependent, as they are, on taxpayer subsidies. Elon Musk alone has cost the U.S. taxpayer $4.9 billion.

It is typical of a Frenchman not to understand this. France has always been a big believer in the power of the state; and in massive, capital-intensive ‘grands projets”.

So long as they don’t have any issues with France’s increasingly rich and diverse culture, I can imagine that American climate scientists will be very happy. And once they’ve gone there, so will everyone in the US.


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