Nation’s Leading Broadsheet: ‘Culture of Tolerance’ Is Destroying Germany

Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images

Writing after the latest deadly knife attack by an Islamist migrant who, it has been revealed, was known to authorities, veteran journalist Dirk Schümer has said Germany’s ‘culture of tolerance’ leaves the nation defenceless against those who would do it harm.

“As long as a culture of tolerance is held above the law in Germany, the country will continue to see murderous acts like the one just seen in Hamburg,” he writes in bestselling broadsheet Die Welt, referring to a supermarket attack by a Palestinian illegal immigrant who killed one and injured several more.

The prize-winning journalist notes that a large proportion of people working in politics, the judiciary, the media, NGOs, and the Church hold the view that migrants who make it to Germany “should be allowed to remain, at any cost”.

For this reason, he said the country is effectively operating without any border controls, and so the police and intelligence services have been overwhelmed with an unmanageable volume of “threats” to monitor.

Hamburg attacker Ahmad A — who is said to have been radicalised at an unruly migrant shelter known as a hotbed of Islamic extremism — was at large in Germany despite a terror investigation active being against him, the rejection of his asylum claim, and an enthusiastic willingness to be returned to Gaza.

Noting similarities between the Palestinian attacker and the Tunisian terrorist who struck a Christmas market in Berlin last December, Schümer blasted portions of society which he said are making it impossible to deport criminals and migrants who have no right to remain in Germany.

“According to the left wing coalition which governs Berlin, there should not be any deportations taking place at all,” he wrote, adding: “Meanwhile, migrants who have no success with the authorities in their quest to gain asylum are given sanctuary by the church instead.

“And in the case of every instance of deportation the authorities plan, aid groups organise civil resistance against it, with the goal of postponing and putting a stop to the expulsion of any migrant no matter how delinquent, and to even the safest countries.”

The prize-winning journalist also took aim at politicians, who he accused of constantly seeking to expand the circumstances under which migrants are entitled to protection, writing, with incredulity: “In the meantime, the government is discussing how Germany should acknowledge flight from poverty, and climate change, as legitimate grounds for asylum.

“It is therefore no wonder that even self-declared terrorists who fought for the Taliban also enjoy the right to stay in Germany, on humanitarian grounds,” concludes Schümer, holding Germany’s ‘culture of tolerance’ responsible for terror attacks which could have been avoided.

Breitbart London reported on Monday how, despite the Hamburg attacker  — who carried out his spree while screaming “Allahu Akhbar” — having boasted to police that he wanted to be a “terrorist”, and his having been on a list of known extremists, police in Germany are keen to establish mental health, rather than terror, as the 26-year-old’s motive.


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