Home Office Told to Expand Programme Importing Refugees to Every UK Town, Village

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

George Soros-funded NGO Citizens UK has launched a campaign demanding the Home Office extend the refugee resettlement scheme to every corner of Britain.

The left-leaning new Home Secretary Sajid Javid was urged to “take a brave stand with refugees and show the world once again Britain is a country of welcome”, at a campaign launch in London on Friday.

According to the group’s press release, “200 civil society leaders from mosques, churches, schools and other organisations” attended the event in support of extending beyond 2020 the government’s programme transporting 20,000 mostly Syrian migrants over five years into homes in UK councils.

Citizens UK, which claims to be a “community organising group”, pointed to council figures showing migrants have been distributed across every part of Britain — including many rural areas — as a demonstration of the scheme’s “success”.

Nour Sakr, a Refugees Welcome leader from Syria — the civil war of which the United Nations (UN) announced in September last year had finally come to an end — said: “I can’t help my people back home but thanks to the Government’s VPRS [Vulnerable Persons Resettlement] scheme I and other volunteers are helping hundreds of families start new lives free from violence.

“It would be terrible to stop Britain’s refugee effort by cutting the scheme,” she said, adding: “I’m here to encourage Sajid Javid to take a brave stand with refugees and show the world once again Britain is a country of welcome.”

Rabbi Janet Darley, a Citizen UK leader, said: “We are proud that local authorities across the UK have successfully resettled vulnerable refugees through the Government’s VPRS scheme – it’s been a big success.

“Torah commands us 35 times to welcome and care for the stranger, reminding us it is important we do not turn our backs on refugees after 2020, especially at a time when devastating conflicts around the world continue to force millions to flee.

“Our message to the Home Office is to thank them for the scheme and remind them that the support of civil society and local Councils for refugee resettlement remains as strong as ever. Let’s not stop now,” added the Utah-born campaigner.

Because of the ‘Dubs amendment’, which forced Britain to import so-called unaccompanied minors from the third world who had illegally migrated to Europe, Citizens UK’s Safe Passage website states that “over 1,700 children are now safely in the UK thanks to the safe and legal routes we have opened”.

“Mainly from France, we have also brought children from Greece, Italy, Bulgaria, Syria, Belgium and Sudan,” the NGO boasts, adding it also helps “vulnerable adults” enter the UK “wherever possible”, and that the group is working to “expand and make family reunification possible widely across Europe and the world”.

With polls consistently demonstrating immigration to be overwhelmingly unpopular in Britain, Citizen UK claims that “Community Organising is about returning power to people”.

Last year, the Soros-funded NGO cited a scalp claimed in its quest to shut down newspapers publishing stories that report any downside to mass migration, calling the cosmetic company Body Shop’s decision to pull advertising from the Daily Mail as a “huge win” for the group.

Citizens UK is a major backer of Stand Up to Racism, a campaign group which also piles pressure on companies to pull advertising from The Sun, the Daily Mail and the Express, whose “toxic” coverage of migrants they claimed has sparked “a wave of violence against immigrant families”.


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