Remote Working

Slack Suffers Massive Outage on First Workday of 2021

The popular digital workplace service Slack recently suffered an outage on the first full workday of 2021. Companies that rely on the platform to manage their remote work activities were left unable to connect to the service for most of the day on Monday.

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Microsoft Outage Locks Users Out of Office Suite, Email

A recent issue with Microsoft’s Office 365 platform left many users completely locked out of Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Microsoft Teams which many have used as their primary means of work communication during the coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Work from Home Boom Leads to ‘Tattleware’ Surveillance by Employers

According to a recent report, the increased number of employees working from home due to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic has led to more workplace surveillance by employers. Employees report being instructed to install “tattleware’ monitoring programs on their computers tracking mouse movements and keystrokes, as well as smartphone apps to track their movements during working hours.

A coalition of Israeli diplomats, programmers and hackers have joined forces to stave off threats by identifying bot networks on social media and getting them removed