GOP Whiffs on Reforming Refugee Program

As Republicans in Congress race to complete their work on an end-of-year spending package before the holidays, any attempt to reform or curtail President Obama’s plan to resettle 10,000 refugees from Syria and Iraq is being left on the legislative floor.

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Jeff Sessions, Richard Shelby: Ryan’s Omnibus Will Admit Hundreds of Thousands of Migrants from Jihadi Regions

As the government’s funding deadline approaches, Senior Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Richard Shelby and Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Chairman Jeff Sessions warn that unless changes are made, “The omnibus [spending bill] would put the U.S. on a path to approve admission for hundreds of thousands of migrants from a broad range of countries with jihadists movements.”

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VIDEO: Senator Shelby Issues Warning About Consumer Czar

[youtube QeJnkoBjII0] Richard Cordray, President Obama’s pick to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, won approval from the Senate Banking Committee last week on a party-line vote. His confirmation to run the new agency faces fierce opposition from Republicans, who

Dodd-Frank Punishes Consumers, Threatens Banking Crisis

Congressional hucksters sold last year’s “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” as a pro-consumer effort to prevent future big bank bail-outs. The good news, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, is that Dodd-Frank expanded big government payrolls

The Faux Credibility of the Nobel Prize

It seems hypocritical that MIT faculty member and recent Nobel Laureate, Peter Diamond, would lash out in a New York Times Op Ed titled: “When a Nobel Prize Isn’t Enough”, for not being confirmed by the U.S. Senate to the

Peter Diamond: Third Time's a Charm?

Dr. Peter Diamond has once again found himself in the cross-hairs of Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama, the highest ranking Republican serving on the Senate Banking Committee. A Nobel laureate and MIT professor, Diamond has been nominated three times for

Shelby: Bank Bill Should Include Mortgage Firms

AP: Alabama Sen. Richard Shelby says the Senate bill does not impose controls on giant government-sponsored mortgage finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He says they created a demand for risky loans and inflated the housing bubble.