Robert Morrow

Robert Morrow

#NeverTrump Travis County GOP Chair Out, Running for President

Robert Morrow, the controversial Travis County, Texas, GOP Chairman who was last seen outside an Austin Trump rally holding a sign that said “Trump is a Child Rapist” has resigned because he has declared himself a write-in candidate for president of the United States.


Travis County GOP Speaks Out Against Its Own Chairman

To address the “barrage of questions” that has hit Travis County Republicans after the election of their controversial chairman, the county GOP organization has armed itself with a public relations campaign titled “Travis County Republicans Are Bigger Than That.”


Vulgar Texas GOP County Chair: ‘I’m Donald Trump on Steroids’

“If the Republican Party wasn’t just doing damage-control at the national level this week, a number of local elections also threw-up terrifying results. Just look at Texas,” cracked John Oliver on Last Week Tonight. Oliver then pinpoints to the vulgar, newly-elected Travis County, Texas, GOP chair who calls himself “Donald Trump on Steroids.”

Robert Morrow book tour

New Texas GOP County Chair Known for Obscene Tweets, Conspiracy Theories

A newly-elected Texas Republican Party chair is making headlines for making outrageous comments that would probably make even Donald Trump cringe. He correctly notes on Twitter, “Driving them up the f**king wall, Master Troll style. Do not try this at home.”


Hillary Clinton on Rape: You Have the Right to Remain Silent Because Anything You Say Can and Will Be Used Against You… by the Clintons

Our astounding book The Clintons’ War on Women, which will be published by Skyhorse on October 13th, is about Bill Clinton’s long history of allegedly raping and sexually assaulting women and Hillary’s long history of allegedly psychologically raping these women in the aftermath in order to silence them lest they interfere with the Clintons’ rise to power.