DHS Says Cities Hid 142 Suspected Gang Members From Deportation

City and country governments ignored federal “detainer” requests and released 142 suspected members of MS-13 and other criminal gangs in the eight months up to June 2017, says a report from the Department of Homeland Security to the Senate’s judiciary committee.


Texas Fights Open Borders Advocates on Sanctuary City Ban

Texas took its fight for the State’s new anti-sanctuary jurisdiction ban to the appellate courts. A judge appointed by then-President Bill Clinton blocked the law’s prohibition on ignoring U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainers and provisions that address policies that “materially limit” the enforcement of federal immigration laws.


Poll Shows Strong Support for GOP’s Kate Steinle Law

New polls show that Americans strongly favor tougher penalties for illegal aliens who return after repatriation but also are ambivalent about whether the federal government should penalize cities for helping illegal aliens avoid deportation.

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Twice Convicted Illegal Alien Radical Community Organizer Uses Portland Church for Sanctuary

A two-time border invader who was given sanctuary in a Portland church for months who has become a cause celeb for Pacific North-leftists in spite of multiple criminal convictions. Francisco Aguirre-Velasquez, 36, isn’t some well intentioned immigrant pursuing the American Dream; he’s a professional job-thief enabler who is hellbent on turning the≠ United States into a socialist nightmare.