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Boycott Israel Activists Participated in UN Mideast Seminar

The United Nations Department of Public Information held a media seminar in Pretoria, South Africa earlier this month on peace in the Middle East. The stated goal of the three-day seminar was to bring together “politicians, academics and other experts exploring new ways to narrate the complex and evolving story of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”


Iranian Parliament Speaker: U.S. Is the One Violating Nuclear Deal

The Jerusalem Post reports the latest in a string of Iranian accusations that the United States isn’t delivering on its end of the nuclear deal, this time emanating from Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani, with a slap at the U.N. Secretary-General thrown in for good measure.

Iran Ali Larijani

Iran Celebrates Secret Deal with Obama to Restart Nuke Program in 10 Years

The day after Americans discovered their President made a secret deal with Iran to restart their nuclear program in just 10 years, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif declared that restoring the theocracy’s uranium enrichment program was a “matter of pride.”

FILE -- In this July 14, 2015 file photo, young Iranian men cheer and show victory signs while holding a picture of Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, reading "Zarif is Mosaddegh of our time," comparing Zarif to Mohammad Mosaddegh, Iran's legendary prime minister during the 1950s who nationalized the country's …

Israeli, Palestinian UN Ambassadors Exchange Barbs on Terrorism

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The Israeli and Palestinian ambassadors engaged in a rare shouting match in the U.N. Security Council on Monday, reflecting Israel’s growing consternation at the upsurge in Palestinian attacks against civilians and Palestinian frustration at the failure

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UN Censors Exhibit On Israel Set For NY Headquarters

The Times of Israel reports: The United Nations has censored an exhibition about Israel set to go on display at the organization’s headquarters in New York. Three of the 13 panels in the exhibition “Israel Matters,” which is set to open

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