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GOP Senators Join McConnell, Democrats to Raise National Debt by Nearly $200 Billion

Several Republican senators—including many who just won re-election and won’t face voters for six more years—voted for more big government and nearly $150 billion to be added to the national debt on Tuesday night. The vote came on the so-called “Doc Fix” which provides taxpayer cash to Medicare provider doctors.

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Matthews: Jim Crow Has Found a New Home in Today’s GOP

On his Thursday “Hardball” broadcast on MSNBC, host Chris Matthews took aim at the Republican Party for its opposition to President Barack Obama and in particular for the letter Senate Republicans signed on to warning the Iranian regime against an


Matthews: GOP Letter to Iran Violation of Federal Law

During his “Let Me Finish” segment on Monday’s broadcast MSNBC’s “Hardball,” host Chris Matthews charged that Senate Republicans that signed on to a letter to the Iran leadership warning that any agreement that may be made with President Barack Obama pertaining