Oakland Will Pay Occupy $1.36 Million–at Least $3,000 Each

A federal judge has ruled that the city of Oakland and Alameda County must pay a combined $1.36 million to 360 Occupy Oakland protesters who were jailed and held, en masse, for between 12 and 85 hours on January 28, 2012. Many Occupy Oakland demonstrators will receive $3,000 each.

Occupy Protest (File/Reuters)

T-Mobile to Pay $90 Million to Settle Case Led by Texas AG

AUSTIN, Texas — T-Mobile has settled a nationwide investigation of illegal billing practices with Texas, 49 states, and various federal agencies this month, agreeing to fully refund customers any unauthorized charges. T-Mobile was accused of allowing “cramming,” an illegal practice where customers are enrolled in and charged for third-party services that they never authorized, such as ringtones or text message trivia subscriptions.

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