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Saudis Planning $10B Investment in Texas

Saudi oil executives inked multi-billion dollar deals with companies to explore building petrochemical facilities along the Texas Gulf Coast. Essentially, they hope to capitalize on the U.S. oil and gas boom, largely fueled by shale drilling in the Permian Basin.


UK Oil and Gas Revenues Halve as OPEC Wages War on Shale

The UK’s revenue from oil and gas has plummeted by 54 per cent in the space of a year from £4.7bn in 2013-14 to just £2.1bn in 2014-15 as world oil prices continue to drop. The fall is more than


UK Officials Reject Second Cuadrilla Shale Gas Project in a Week

British officials on Monday rejected another Cuadrilla Resources shale gas project in northwest England on the grounds of visual and noise impact, just four days after refusing a different shale gas planning application. Cuadrilla’s project at Preston New Road near


Brown Not Cutting Oil Industry Water Use because of Tax Collection

Governor Jerry Brown signed an executive order Wednesday implementing California’s first-ever mandatory water restrictions that require cities and towns to cut their water usage by 25 percent over the next nine months. But Brown will not cut oil company water use for fracking because the industry pays over $20 billion in state and local taxes.