Ortiz: Trump, America Hit Major Milestone (for the First Time in 70 Years)

Pump jacks are seen at dawn in an oil field over the Monterey Shale formation where gas and oil extraction using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is on the verge of a boom on March 24, 2014 near Lost Hills, California. Critics of fracking in California cite concerns over water usage …
David McNew/Getty Images

Alfredo Ortiz of Job Creators Network writes at foxbusiness.com to commemorate the September achievement of U.S. energy independence, as measured by oil exports exceeding imports, for the first time in 70 years:

Energy independence has been a priority for U.S. officials since the 1973 oil crisis — and rightly so.

. . .

According to new government statistics, September marked the first month U.S. exports of crude oil and petroleum products surpassed imports since the government began recording the data in 1949. In short, the U.S. is energy independent for the first time in 70 years — overturning decades of geopolitical status quo dependent on the oil market.

This is a big milestone and one the Trump administration should be proud to usher across the finish line.

. . .

But how did we get here? The same approach America has capitalized on since our founding: free market innovation. With looming fears of domestic oil shortages, U.S. companies began experimenting with new techniques to extract the resources from right under our feet. The result has been the shale revolution and an oil boom in the U.S.


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