Sharia Police

New Sharia Police Patrol Forming In Hamburg

Islamic State and “Sharia Police” stickers have been seen on vehicles in Hamburg, and some fear that extremists may try and harass residents. However, police and security services have denied these reports.

Sharia Patrol

Muslims Beat Waitress For Serving Alcohol During Ramadan

Muslims in France have left a waitress with a large facial haematoma on the first day of Ramadan because the attackers had seen her serving alcohol. The waitress said she was alone in the bar when the men entered.  They


‘Sharia Police’ Founder Charged With Aiding ISIS Terrorists

A radical Islamic preacher and founder of the “sharia police” in Germany faces charges of aiding terrorists. Four months after his arrest, radical Islamic hate preacher, and “sharia police” founder, Sven Lau is being formally charged with aiding a terrorist group in