Muslims Beat Waitress For Serving Alcohol During Ramadan


Muslims in France have left a waitress with a large facial haematoma on the first day of Ramadan because the attackers had seen her serving alcohol.

The waitress said she was alone in the bar when the men entered.  They pointed towards the liquor bottles behind the counter and said, in Arabic: “You should be ashamed to serve alcohol during Ramadan.”

The waitress, herself a Muslim and observing the Muslim period of fasting, told the men they were not Allah and so could not judge her. The assailants swore if they were God they would have her hanged.

After pretending to leave the premises, Le Figaro reported that one of the two attackers returned to hit her in the face, crashing alcohol bottles down from the bar’s shelves.

Philippe Vardon, regional advisor to the Front National party, blasted the “weak leadership” of politicians for the attack. This religiously motivated attack is far from an isolated incident in France. Less than two years ago in the same Nice neighbourhood, three men were given suspended sentences for repeated death threats to and physically attacking a Muslim baker they accused of being un-Islamic for serving ham sandwiches and alcohol at his shop.

The Socialist Party government in France appears to be turning a blind eye to the growing problem of members of their Muslim minority holding non-Muslims and their lifestyles in contempt.  Instead, they have launched a €100 million campaign against “populism” in an attempt to stop people from voting for the anti mass-migration party, Front National.

While French courts make sure to take a hard line on anyone who is perceived to have slighted migrants or Muslims, courts have ruled that it is impossible to insult the French, or even white people, as they don’t exist.

In 2010, the General Alliance Against Racism and for the Respect of French and Christian Identity (AGRIF) took a “rapper and sociologist”, who released a book and CD telling people to take a torch to the “disgusting” native French, to court for incitement to hatred and racial insult. The courts threw the case out saying that there is no such thing as white people or people who are indigenous to France.


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