Tesla Productivity 7 Times Worse than Detroit

Although Tesla claims to be the world’s leader in “lean manufacturing,” the company’s productivity per worker is only one-seventh as good as the rest of the industry.

The Associated Press

18 Major Scandals in Obama’s ‘Scandal-Free’ Presidency

President Obama and his mouthpieces have embarked on a bizarre scheme to hypnotize America into forgetting the many scandals of his presidency. They seem to think that intoning “this administration hasn’t had a scandal” over and over again will make history disappear. It’s the lamest Jedi Mind Trick ever, and is being pushed on people who know Star Wars is just a movie.


Hillary’s Energy Policies Enrich Wall Street Cronies

In endorsing Hillary Clinton as the Democrat’s choice for President, Sen. Bernie Sanders decried “greed, recklessness, and illegal behavior” and declared that we couldn’t let “billionaires buy elections.”

Hillary Clinton will be formally crowned the party's White House candidate at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this coming week

Solyndra II: Energy Company Busts on Eve of Climate Summit

As President Barack Obama departed for the climate summit in Paris, he faces a new “Solyndra” scandal as Spain’s Abengoa SA, which received $3 billion in administration sustainable energy loans and Export-Import Bank guarantees, announced that it has started bankruptcy proceeding and may soon default on its debt.

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Tesla Uses California Cash to Take over Solyndra Building

Following Tesla Motors, Inc.’s (TSLA-NASDAQ) big award of California tax credits for promising to add 4500 jobs, the all-electric automaker just signed a lease to occupy the cavernous 500,000 square feet Solyndra plant at 901 Page Ave. in Fremont, California.

Obama visits Solyndra (Getty)