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Reddit CEO Admits He ‘Screwed Up’ by Editing Users’ Comments

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman admitted that he “screwed up” and wants Reddit to trust him again following his comment editing scandal, but he still considers members of communities such as the pro-Trump /r/The_Donald to be “bullies.”


EXCLUSIVE: Chat Logs Show Reddit Admins Threatening Pro-Trump Community

Moderators of Reddit’s pro-Trump community, The_Donald, believed for weeks that their subreddit was going to be banned. Breitbart has gained access to chat logs between moderators and site admins showing moderators attempting to work with site staff to address their complaints while Reddit CEO Steve Huffman paints them as uncooperative in public.


Reddit Admins Accused Of Censoring Donald Trump AMA

Admins on Reddit are facing accusations of using vote manipulation on the site to suppress posts that go against their political beliefs — including the recent Donald Trump AMA.


Twitter Wants More Users—Maybe It Should Stop Alienating Them First

How can Twitter improve its sluggish growth? The company’s stock plummeted after interim chief executive Jack Dorsey said he was “not satisfied” with current user growth figures following the release of Twitter’s Q2 earnings report on Tuesday.

Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Meet the New Reddit Boss, Worse Than the Old Reddit Boss

Ellen Pao has resigned as CEO of Reddit following the worst set of user and moderator revolts in the site’s history, but Redditors who hoped her departure marked the end of threats to free speech on the site are likely to be disappointed.