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***LIVE UPDATES*** Campus Crazies on ‘Million Student March’

Student demonstrations are set to engulf the U.S. today in the ‘Million Student March’, as activists from campuses around the country stage a day of protests against tuition fees and student debt, further inflamed by recent social justice protests at Yale

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Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Student Leader Allegedly Assaulted for Political Views

Joshua Wong, 18, a student leader of Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, was assaulted by an as-of-yet unidentified attacker. Wong was out on a date with his girlfriend when the assailant attacked him and his girlfriend outside a movie theater near the site of important protests from last year.

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Exclusive: Student Behind The Bahar Mustafa Petition Reveals Why He Wants Her Out

The ongoing controversy over racist comments made by Goldsmiths University diversity officer Bahar Mustafa has generated a national conversation on the state of identity politics, with the editor of being the latest to weigh in. Students at Goldsmiths are currently deciding whether


Student Court at UC Davis Strikes down Anti-Israel Divestment Resolution

In January, students at UC Davis passed a resolution urging the school to divest from companies doing business in Israel. On Wednesday, UC Davis’s student court declared the resolution to be unconstitutional (i.e. not in accordance with standards outlined in the student court) and ruled against it, following an appeal from the university’s students.