Taiwan Strait

India Condemns Chinese ‘Militarization’ of Taiwan Waters

The Indian government’s representative office in Sri Lanka used the term “militarization” in a post on Twitter on Saturday to describe China’s recent actions in the Taiwan Strait, which separates the sovereign island nation of Taiwan from China’s southeastern coast, the Hindu reported on Sunday, noting that it was the first time New Delhi had used such strong rhetoric to refer to the China-Taiwan dispute.

Two Taiwanese military corvettes sail during a Navy Drill for Preparedness Enhancement ahead of the Chinese New Year, amid escalating Chinese threats to the island, in Keelung, Taiwan, 7 Jan, 2022. With the US approving an increasing number of arms sales to Taipei and China sending more PLA warplanes to …

Taiwan Proposes 14% Military Budget Boost to Counter China

Taiwan on Thursday debuted a defense budget that would increase military spending by 13.9 percent over 2021 spending, a considerably higher increase than suggested by legislators – but still not nearly enough to counter the threat of a Chinese invasion, according to defense analysts.

Taiwan's "frogmen" Marines perform close combat drills just a few kilometers from mainland China on the outlying island of Kinmen, Taiwan, Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016. Taiwan is holding small-scale military drills on an island it controls just off the Chinese coast. The head of Kinmen's defense command says the beach …

U.S. Conducts Freedom of Navigation Patrol in Taiwan Strait

Two U.S. warships passed through the Taiwan Strait on Thursday in a Freedom of Navigation Patrol (FONOP). The passage was taken by Taiwan as a heartening show of American support, and by China as an annoying challenge to its military might and territorial integrity.

In this handout provided by the U.S. Navy and released on March 26, 2005, the guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell (DDG 85) is seen July 26, 2005 in the Pacific Ocean. The Kiribati-flagged merchant vessel M/V Rokya 1 and the USS McCampbell (DDG 85) collided late March 25, 2006 approximately 30 …