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Coverage of New Video in Waco Biker Shooting Reveals Media Bias

New video released of the May shooting that occurred outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, raises more questions than it answers about what really happened that day. One of the biggest takeaways from the incident may be the nationwide media blackout on what could be the biggest story of police misconduct in 2015.

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Four Weeks Later: Waco Police Narrative Unravels

As bikers gear up for a planned peaceful protest on Sunday, while more of the bikers arrested after the deadly May 17th shooting incident outside a Waco Twin Peaks restaurant are released, and more details come out about the men and women detained and the circumstances of their arrest, more troubling unanswered questions remain about Waco police’s account of the incident.

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Waco Biker Files Civil Rights Lawsuit over Twin Peaks Arrest

Matthew Clendennen, one of about 170 people arrested as the deadly May 17th shooting incident outside the Waco Twin Peaks restaurant, filed federal civil rights lawsuit on Friday against the City of Waco, the McLennan County Sheriff’s Office, and individual police officers.

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Waco Police Update: ‘This was Anytown, USA Yesterday’, Could Happen in Any City

Waco Police Department’s Sergeant Patrick Swanton said “This was Anytown, USA,” in response to a question from media about why this happened in this city. He said there is a violent element out there and this type of violence could erupt anywhere, especially if a business ignores requests from police. Swanton revised the number of individuals downward to 170 from the previously reported 192 during his Monday midday press conference.

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Biker Gang Fight Leaves Nine Dead in Texas

Nine people are dead in what was described by witnesses as a “war zone” battle between rival biker gangs outside a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas. All of those killed were members of the biker gangs.

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