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unfunded pension

Obama Appoints Puerto Rico Control Board after Bond Default

The Obama administration has picked seven people to serve on a financial control board overseeing the restructuring of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s $70 billion debt burden and $43 billion unfunded pension liability. Under congressional legislation signed after the island

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California Appeals Court Denies Pension Spiking as Legal Right

A ruling by the California Appeals Court could terminate public employee unions’ claims that public pension spiking creates a legal contract under the “California Rule.” The ruling could overturn up to $250 billion of pension spiking.

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10% of Taxes Go to Pensions in 5 CA Counties

Santa Barbara County, Kern County, Fresno County, San Mateo County and Ventura County now spend about 10 percent or more of their total revenue on pension contributions, according to a new study.

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CalPERS vs. Jerry Brown over Pension Contributions

The CalPERS Board voted to refuse California Gov. Jerry Brown’s modest demand to decrease their expected pension investment returns by a tiny 0.2% year, because the impact would have increased pension contribution costs by about $1.2 billion across nearly 800,000 employees–about $125 per month, on average.

Reuters / Max Whittaker

CalPERS is Rainbows, Butterflies and Unicorns

The California Public Employee Retirement System (CalPERS) has announced that its solvency has improved and that it is only $89.7 billion underfunded. Unfortunately, CalPERS’s purported solvency of percentage of 77% assumes the fantasy that it can conservatively compound its annual earnings at 7.5% without any losses. But if CalPERS only earns 4.5% a year–a rate conservative private pensions often shoot for–the fund’s long-term liability is a staggering $290 billion.

CalPERS (Reuters / Max Whittaker)