Virginia Commonwealth University

Virginia Commonwealth U. Student Body President: ‘I Hate White People So Much Its Not Even Funny’

The student body president of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) was discovered posting extreme, racist, and violent rhetoric on social media, which included advocating for the targeted killings of law enforcement. In one post to social media, the “transgender & non-binary” leader of VCU’s student government wrote: “i hate white people so much its not even funny.”

Portland Riots

Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder Blasts Probe into Claim He Kissed Student

Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder blasted Virginia Commonwealth University’s investigation into a claim that he engaged in a non-consensual kiss with a student. Wilder’s complaints about the Title IX investigation by the college mirror those of male students who feel they have been mistreated by “kangaroo courts” judging campus sexual misconduct allegations.

Former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder