Google Leaves Uber Board as Partners Battle in Self-Driving Cars

Google recently resigned from Uber’s board as the former partners prepare for battle over self-driving cars. Away from California Attorney General Kamala Harris’ effort to mediate the battle between Uber and the state Department of Motor Vehicles over the unpermitted deployment of self-driving cars — which were pulled off the street Wednesday — the corporate fight is intensifying.

Kai Flaffenbach/Reuters

L.A. to Use Waze to Make Traffic More Efficient

On Tuesday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti spoke of the partnership between the city and the Waze traffic-avoidance app, which functions by allowing drivers to share information regarding traffic and the conditions of streets on which they travel. Last week, Garcetti announced the partnership in his State of the City address, and on Tuesday he added that the 1.3 million Waze users in Los Angeles will receive alerts about hit-and-runs and abducted children, as well as information involving construction, film shoots, and road closures, according to the Los Angeles Times. In return, the city will glean data from drivers in real-time regarding traffic patterns and roadway conditions.

Waze (Screenshot)

LAPD: Waze App Threatens Police Safety

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has raised serious concerns over the use of the real-time traffic and tracking application Waze, saying it jeopardizes the lives of police officers by revealing their locations.

Waze (Screenshot)

NYPD Cop Killer Used App to Track Police Movements Since Early December

According to an Instagram screenshot, Brinsley was tracking two officers who were almost 4 miles away from him in Staten Island at 10:44 PM EST since the beginning of December. He thanks a friend of his on Instagram for pointing out the app is not “updated in real time” so it’s not that “reliable.”

AP/Springfield, Ohio Police Department