ComedyGate: Progressive Comedians Trying to Get Comedian Mike David Booted Off Social Media


The comedy scene is being terrorised by a clique of hyper-progressive, politically correct comedians intent on purging their ideological opponents and rivals from the industry.

Through a mixture of wealth and connections, this group has come to dominate the city’s comedy clubs, which they use to exclude dissenters from the local comedy scene. Now, they’re using their connections with progressive at nearby Silicon Valley tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to get their opponents kicked off social media too.

The latest controversy began when Portland-based feminist comedian Amy Miller started to harass the fans of Red Bar Radio during an online debate about diversity. After Phoebe Robinson, an employee of the comedy show Broad City, started mocking “scared white people” and “garbage ass male tears” on Facebook, she was challenged by comedian Mike David of Red Bar Radio, who suggested she “stop hating whites.”

A heated debate emerged on Robinson’s Facebook page between Robinson and David’s followers, and it didn’t take long before someone started threatening peoples’ jobs. That someone was feminist comedian Amy Miller, who, in her own words, sought to provoke abuse from David’s followers so she could then report them to their employers.

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Miller even went so far as to contact the poster’s mother. But the real target wasn’t the alt-right stragglers who had entered the online debate: it was Mike David himself. After the comedian made a disparaging remark about Miller’s looks (which he later apologised for), Miller embarked on a crusade to target his revenue streams and suspend his social media accounts.

Despite the attempt by David to make amends, Miller, who claimed David was encouraging his followers to “harass” her, relentlessly reported him on social media and quickly got both his Facebook and YouTube accounts suspended. Astonishingly, Miller openly bragged about alleged high-level connections in Silicon Valley who helped make the suspensions happen.

According to Miller, her friends “built social media” and a number of “sweet angels in San Francisco” are helping her “handle some bi*** boy harasser.”

David challenged the notion that his attacks on Miller and her allies constituted threats, or harassment, and pointed out that all public figures receive mockery and derision.

Miller’s accusations against David follow a pattern set by other progressive activists, such as Anita Sarkeesian and Stephanie Guthrie, whereby political criticism and light derision is portrayed as “harassment” and “abuse.” However, only recently have their biases been reflected in the policy of social media companies.

According to comedians in the L.A. scene, Amy Miller’s attempts to ruin Mike David are just the top of the iceberg. They spoke of domination by an increasingly tight-knit and exclusive clique, whose hyper-progressive politics made it increasingly difficult for dissenting comedians to participate.

“You don’t want to be a conservative in the entertainment industry” said an actor who has appeared in several well-known comedy films, who preferred to remain anonymous. “I’m just a terrified comedian… I’m trying to sell a script, and if these psychos talk sh** to my agents, I can be ruined.”

These sh**heads only book each other for their shows, have enough money to get all of the expensive rooms, and then shut out any comedian who doesn’t agree with them. They always complain about diversity but only pick each other’s white asses. It’s shameful.

There are shows in LA called “Token Straight White Male” where only one straight white male per show is allowed. No joke.

Everything is about diversity, until it’s not. A black comic made a hilarious video where he played a rapper in the hood who made out with another guy (he’s straight) and all of the guys throwing signs and chains in the video freak out. He was accused of homophobia AND racism. Insane.

Comedy, which thrives on pushing social boundaries, has been a centre of resistance against the regressive left and its beloved language codes. High-profile comedians such as Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and John Cleese have been unequivocal in their condemnation of the new wave of political correctness. Nonetheless, it seems that SJW comedians do exist, and, like their allies in other communities, are determined to ostracize their political opponents.

*Editor’s note: Mike David now claims that the direct email from Miller to him was a spoofed email sent by someone else than Miller while mimicking her email address. It has been removed from this article.

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