Ben Shapiro Throws Epic Twitter Tantrum: Exclusive Footage


What ever happened to Little Ben Shapiro? The Daily Wire’s Ben used to be one of my conservative idols, battling against the name-calling, irrational social justice warriors and dropping conservative truth bombs. I looked up to him and believed in what he was doing. Not any more!

Anyone who follows internet drama as closely as I do will have seen the change in Ben’s behavior. He used to be cool and sassy. People my age could relate to him. But he seems to have joined the anti-Trump Establishment conservative ranks and lost so much of what made him special to his younger audience. Sad!

There’s a “come home Ben” meme doing the rounds online, started by me and a few fellow mischief-makers and lovers of freedom. But we’re losing hope. Ben was a child prodigy and Harvard graduate but we’re worried he has sold out to the globalists.

He has started playing the victim on Twitter and throwing around allegations of anti-semitism and racism, just like the people he used to mock.

Ben, no one hates Jewish people. And you using “alt-right” accounts with 10 followers who are just trying to get a reaction out of you as proof of widespread anti-semitism among natural conservatives and the Trump movement is exactly the sort of tactic you would have eviscerated the progressive left for just six months ago.

You’re no better than notorious feminist agitator Anita Sarkeesian presenting the tweets of Twitter trolls to the UN as proof of an overwhelming rise in sexism!
After seeing all this unexpected silliness from someone I used to look up to, I decided to combat it… with more silliness. Which is why I made the YouTube video above. After getting 30,000 views in a matter of days, I was sure he would respond.

He hasn’t yet! Perhaps together with his new progressive left arguing strategies he has also inherited leftist humorlessness. If you’re reading this right now, Ben — and I know you are — it’s not too late. Please come home.

Also, debate @CantStumpTrump1.


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