Crybaby MP Installs ‘Panic Room’ to Protect Her from Mean Words on the Internet


A British Labour MP has installed a panic room in her constituency offices because people have been mean to her on the Internet.

Jess Phillips, a Labour MP for the constituency of Birmingham Yardley, claimed in an interview with The Guardian that following a feeling that she was “not welcome” in the Labour party and multiple messages she received online calling for her to step down from her position, she had a panic room fitted in her constituency office.

“There is a panic room being fitted in my office, I now walk around with an alarm system that means people can listen to conversations,” said Phillips.

Phillips described the supposed online abuse she received, saying, “Every day I receive messages that I’m not good enough, that I should lose my job, someone thought it was funny to mock up a picture of a woman with a spear through her heart and put my head on it.”

Whether or not taxpayer or party money was used to pay for the the installation of the panic room is unknown. Breitbart has reached out to Jess Phillips for comment on the issue.

Breitbart has previously written about Jess Phillips, who laughed at male suicide rates and began a movement to “Reclaim The Internet.” She has been a vocal opponent of what she believes to be online harassment, saying, “Until Twitter makes this sort of thing stop happening and stops accepting that this sort of dogpiling and mass bullying can happen, their business model is totally flawed. People who don’t like this feral side of the internet are just going to walk away.”

She also came under criticism for saying that migrant sex attacks in Cologne were “very similar” to a night out an average weekend in Birmingham.

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