Facebook Advertising for News Executive Position Following Furor over ‘Fake News’

Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Facebook is advertising for an “experienced news executive” to run its new Global News Partnerships operation following criticism over “fake news” on the platform during the presidential election.

In a recent job posting, the company says they are looking for “experienced news executive [who] will be a public-facing voice of Facebook and its role in the news ecosystem.”

Any candidate for the role must also have 20 years in experience in the news business, combined with a “proven track record of building, initiating and driving new business and/or organisational opportunities.”

The new feature comes at a time when Facebook has promised to crack down on the rise of “fake news,” with the company’s COO Sheryl Sandberg recently saying that the social media platform had taken “important steps” to tackle the problem.

“Misinformation is something we take seriously and something we’re going to continue iterating on the surface,” she said.

Despite much speculation that fake news influenced the election in Donald Trump’s favor, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously described the idea as “crazy.”

“The idea that fake news on Facebook, of which it’s a very small amount of the content, influenced the election is a pretty crazy idea,” Zuckerberg said.

Facebook has so far declined to comment on the role.

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