The Hill: Antitrust Should Be Used to Break Up Partisan Tech Giants Like Facebook, Google


Writing at The Hill, Selwyn Duke argues that Facebook and Google, who wish to act as arbiters of “fake news,” are partisan entities that will censor stories for having the wrong politics rather than facts, and their stranglehold on what information is delivered to the public should be broken:

How much face time will your news story get on Facebook? How many eyes will ogle it on Google? Too often, this is apparently determined not by whether the story is “fake” news or newsworthy, but by whether it’s politically correct. And it’s time to break up the Internet’s left-wing, information-conduit oligopoly.

If “knowledge is power” and “The pen is mightier than the sword,” entities controlling what pens you see are powerful indeed. C that Facebook and Google “account for 75% of all the referrals major news and entertainment sites now receive,” according to a Politico report in July.

Facebook boasts a 40 percent share of the social media market and 1.5 billion users worldwide, making this Internet “nation” more populous than any country on Earth.  Upwards of 40 percent of American adults get news from the site.

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