Report: Tinder Has a Secret and Exclusive Version

Leon Neal/Getty Images
Leon Neal/Getty Images

Tinder has a secret and exclusive version of their app purely for “people who do really well” on the platform, according to a report by Tech Crunch.

“It appears that Tinder has invited people to the platform, some of whom have the ability to ‘nominate’ others. But those who were nominated can’t nominate anyone else, which prevents the members-only layer of the app from spreading uncontrollably,” reported Tech Crunch on Tuesday. “It’s unclear exactly how Tinder decides who gets invited and who doesn’t, but the common thread among those on the Select app is that they’re generally attractive and relatively high-profile.”

“TechCrunch has obtained photos of Tinder Select (which looks way better than regular Tinder in terms of design),” they continued. “It features a gradient navy blue ‘S’ at the top, where the Tinder flame is normally found, and other blue accenting in place of the usual orange. Users who have access to the Tinder Select layer of the app can toggle on Tinder Select from the top bar. These users can switch back and forth from regular ol’ Tinder and Tinder Select, which makes sense considering Tinder Select may have a smaller pool of users in certain markets.”

Tech Crunch also reports that the secret and exclusive version of the popular dating app may have around for at least 6 months, citing an old Reddit thread that featured a screenshot of the Select interface.

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Since the report was published, evidence of the app, including a post on Twitter and a URL for the site, have all been deleted.

So far, Tinder has refused to provide comment in response to the report.

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