‘Titanfall 2’ – A Glitch in the Frontier Gameplay Trailer

The latest free content update for Titanfall 2 adds two new maps, a new multiplayer faction, and a new execution to the giant mech first-person shooter.

Developer Respawn Entertainment continues to roll out new content for Titanfall 2 as part of their promise to keep all DLC for the game free. Players are finally getting their first original proper map since release (previous offerings Angel City and Colony were remastered versions of maps from the original Titanfall) with “Glitch,” a setting that looks based off of the virtual reality training gauntlet set on the planet Harmony from the game’s single-player campaign. The map looks to be more in the style of the original game’s “Swiss-cheese” level design, with lots of side paths for parkour movement around the more open areas where the game’s towering Titans can battle.

Respawn looks to keep those interested in the elimination-style Live Fire mode introduced in February entertained as well with a new Live Fire map as well. Rounding out the update is a new Pilot execution to unlock using the game’s radar pulse blade to drive home the point against enemies.

A Glitch in the Frontier will be available for free on April 25 for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.


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