Trump: ‘Amazon Is Doing Great Damage to Tax-Paying Retailers’

Washington Post
Getty Images

President Donald Trump accused Amazon of “doing great damage to tax-paying retailers” on Twitter on Wednesday.

“Amazon is doing great damage to tax paying retailers,” Trump declared. “Towns, cities and states throughout the U.S. are being hurt – many jobs being lost!”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who temporarily became the richest man in the world last month, has previously praised President Trump for creating the Tech Innovation Council, adding that the Trump administration had potential to become the “innovation administration.”

During the 2016 election, however, Trump and Bezos sparred openly, with Bezos chastising Trump for his criticism of the media. Trump accused Bezos of using the Washington Post, which he owns, to attack the then-candidate because Bezos was worried Trump would come after Amazon if elected.

“He thinks I’ll go after him for antitrust because he’s got a huge antitrust problem, because he’s controlling so much,” Trump said in May 2016. “Amazon is controlling so much of what they are doing and what they have done. He bought [the Washington Post] for practically nothing and he is using that as a tool for political power against me and against other people.”

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